Material 100% cowhide import

FUJITA is a Global brand specializing in manufacturing and trading Japanese style leather shoes, wallets and bags with the desire to target the modern  man with a simple but no less sophisticated style. 

Full-grain leather material

All Fujita products are made of imported full-grain leather, the expensive part offers the best quality, so they are very durable and difficult to damage.


That is also the biggest difference in Fujita products compared to other common leather products. For ordinary leather products, their surface is covered with a layer of synthetic leather, so it is easy to explode or fold.

Measurements for each product

Making products from full-grain leather is an art. They are applied traditional techniques combined with the most modern technology. The whole process is closed and there is no influence from the outside environment.

When the products have been manufactured, they will be perfected through the skillful hands of experienced craftsmen. Therefore, you can clearly feel the material of the product through the product's features such as the color hidden deep inside the product, different from cheap leather goods.

Unique design—creative

Fujita brings Japanese style, quality for Japanese people, so it gives Global users a great experience about products. The unique and creative design highlights the product's personality, making any customer want to own it.

Great design ideas are skillfully combined through the hands of craftsmen with many years of experience along with luxurious and high-class materials to create products that are not only good in quality but also good in quality. trendy, aesthetic of the user.

Fujita always updates and develops according to world fashion trends but always retains the beauty in design to give customers products that are not only luxurious and classy but also trendy and aesthetically pleasing.